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American Airlines Baggage Policy

If you are planning to travel with American Airlines, it is important to be aware of their baggage policy. This includes understanding the fees associated with checked and carry-on baggage, as well as the weight and size restrictions. By being informed of these policies, you can avoid any surprises or difficulties during your travels. 

 When it comes to checked baggage, American Airlines allows each passenger to check in two bags for free. These bags must not exceed 50 lbs each and must adhere to the dimensions set by the airline. You can carry only one personal bag. 

This airline charges a fairly standard fee for checked and overweight/oversized baggage. American Airlines charge a fee for seat selection.  

American Airlines Carry-On Allowance 

This American Airlines Baggage Policy allowed bringing one carry-on luggage and one personal item with you when you board the aircraft. However, there are some restrictions on the size and type of carry-on luggage that you can bring. 

 The maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage are usually 56 x 35 x 23 cm. However, on flights with 50 or fewer seats, the maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage are reduced to 50 x 40 x 25 cm. This is because there is less space in the overhead compartments on these flights. 

 You are also allowed to bring one personal item with you. This item must be smaller than your carry-on luggage and must be able to fit under the seat in front of you.  

If you are traveling with a musical instrument, you are allowed to bring it as your carry-on luggage. However, it must be small enough to fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. 

 There are also some items that you are not allowed to bring as carry-on luggage, such as firearms, ammunition, and explosive materials. If you are carrying any of these items, you will need to check them in at the airport. 

American Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance 

When packing for your next trip, knowing the ins and outs of your American Airlines Baggage Policy is important. If you’re flying American Airlines, here’s what you need to know about their checked baggage allowance. 

 All checked luggage must adhere to a maximum weight and linear dimension of 62 inches for American One, first, or business class, and 50 pounds (23 kg) for the economy (158 cm). 

 If your bags are overweight or oversized, you’ll be charged an additional fee. For overweight bags, the fee is $100 for the first bag and $200 for the second bag. For oversized bags, the fee is $200 for the first bag and $400 for the second bag. 

 In addition to size and weight restrictions, some items are not allowed in checked baggage. These include items like firearms, lithium batteries, and aerosumables. For a full list of items not allowed in checked baggage, you can visit American’s website. 

Knowing the rules and restrictions of your American Airlines Baggage Policy will help you avoid any unwanted fees or surprises at the airport. So, before you pack your bags for your next trip, be sure to do your research and make sure you’re compliant with all the rules and regulations. 

Oversized Baggage Charges in American Airlines 

Have you ever been surprised at the cost of checking an overweight bag on American Airlines? You’re not alone.  

Here’s a look at the oversized baggage charges that American Airlines baggage policy charges for domestic flights within the United States:  

For bags that weigh between 24 and 32 kilograms or 51 and 70 pounds, American Airlines Baggage Policy charges an additional $100 for each bag. 

 For bags that weigh between 33 and 46 kilograms or 71 and 100 pounds, American Airlines charges an additional $200 for each bag.  

And for bags that weigh more than 100 pounds (46 kilograms), Delta does not accept them as carry-on or checked baggage. 

 So, if you’re planning a trip on American Airlines Baggage Policy and you have any baggage that might be even close to the overweight limit, it’s best to plan and try to avoid paying these high fees. 

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Credit Cards for Free Checked Bag with American Airlines 

American Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, has a strategic partnership with American Express. Because of this, several Amex credit cards offer free checked baggage when you fly with American Airlines. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you travel often. 

Several different Amex cards offer this benefit, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The Platinum Card from American Express, for example, offers 5 free checked bags per trip. This can be a great option if you travel often and need to check a lot of baggage. 

If you don’t travel as often, the American Express Green Card might be a better option for you. This card offers 2 free checked bags per trip.  

No matter which Amex card you have, you can extend the free checked baggage benefit to up to 8 companions traveling on the same reservation. This can be a great way to save money if you frequently travel with family or friends. 

If you have an Amex card that offers free checked baggage with American Airlines, be sure to take advantage of it the next time you fly. It can save you a lot of money, and make your travel experience more enjoyable. 

American Airlines Baggage policy
American Airlines Baggage policy

American Airlines Baggage Policy Weight & Size Allowance 

The specifics of American Airlines’ standard checked baggage / hold luggage policy is as follows: two normal bags, with a maximum of 10 bags (up to four bags on Etihad Connection); maximum size (length + breadth + height): 62 inches or 157 cm; and maximum weight: 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. This policy is subject to change, so it’s important to check with the airline before packing. Excess baggage may be subject to additional charges. 

Policy For Sports Equipment on American Airlines 

At American Airlines, you can bring certain types of sports equipment as part of your checked baggage allowance. Up to two items of sports equipment may be carried as part of your checked baggage allowance and will be counted as one bag each. Fees may apply for checked sports equipment, so be sure to check the American Airlines website for more information. All sports equipment must be stored in a sturdy, equipment-specific container to be accepted as checked baggage. Examples of sports equipment that may be checked include skis, golf bags, fishing equipment, hockey, and lacrosse equipment. 

Have a great time on your trip and make sure to pack everything you need! 


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