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British Airways (BA) is the national airline of the United Kingdom. It is based in London, England, near its main hub at Heathrow Airport. It was founded on August 25, 1919. The British government founded the airline to administer the two nationalized airline firms. 

In terms of fleet size and passengers carried, British Airways is the second largest in the United Kingdom, trailing only easyJet. 


Since more than a century ago, British Airways has been a major airline that connects distant regions, people, and many cultures. 

Along with American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and the now-defunct Canadian Airlines. British Airways was one of the founding members of the Oneworld airline alliance. 

It is one of the international airlines, offering service to 570 locations in 133 countries. Mostly, Heathrow and Gatwick are where it is based. 

The airline’s business strategy takes into account relationships with consumers, employees, and other stakeholders as well as technology innovation in accessories. 

It works in a mixed economy because it was privatized in February 1987. As a private firm, the Airline experiences less government interference. The only involvement that it would see is the setting of ticket pricing. 


Social welfare has an impact on British Airways and the larger community in several ways. First, by adopting workplace regulations, it benefits its employees, who can work without any head injuries thanks to training in safety procedures that the airline has provided for all of its staff. Additionally, it provides rest time for its staff, and its crew members receive housing as a result of the crew’s need for it. 

The other social welfare program that British Airways offers its employees is social security. It includes non-contributory benefits (social fund, working tax benefits). As well as contribution benefits (retirement pension, maternity allowances) and allows the employees to live their lives as they, please. 


British Airways did not place much emphasis on customer service. Employees at British Airways were not motivated to prioritize the needs of the consumer because of the company’s rigorous culture. Customers were treated by British Airways as if they had no other options for their service and as if taking the flight itself was a perk. 

It uses this e-business approach to draw clients to its firm; on the website, there are advertisements for tours and vacation deals. 

Currently, It owns 13.5% of Iberia, but will eventually own 55% of the new combined company. Which will be called the “International Airlines Group,” with Iberia’s stockholders keeping the remaining 45% of the company. 


British Airways employs the direct model, in which they conduct all of their business dealings directly with their customers. Eliminating the need for any kind of intermediary, such as agents. They do this because they believe that agents exploit their clients, which could lead to distrust on their part. 

The airline currently uses a variety of Internet/web technologies, which has greatly aided its expansion and success in the aviation sector. 

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