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Delta Airlines is primarily based in the United States. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta Airlines is one of the oldest Travel Reserving Companies, It is owned by The Vanguard Group, Inc. Delta Airlines was founded on March 2, 1925, in Macon, Georgia, as Huff Daland Dusters. The name “Delta” comes from the Mississippi Delta region, the important area of operations for Delta Air Service in 1928, when it formed out of crop-dusting company Huff Daland Dusters of Monroe, Louisiana. 

Delta Airlines is ranks second among the world’s largest airlines by the number of passengers they carry, passenger miles flown, and fleet size. They are the leaders in domestic and international travel. It offers online air tickets and flights to over 325 destinations in 52 countries. They operate about 5,400 flights a day. every year and serve more than 180 million passengers.  

Delta Airlines is know as the “Best Airline in North America” with the “Best Staff Service in North America” by Skytrax Airline Awards. On Forbes’ list of the 100 Best Employers for Diversity in 2022, it has ranked as one of the top 100 firms. 

Since the Covid-19 outbreak began, It has worked swiftly to change the industry standard cleanliness, to provide their passenger and workers with a safe and relaxing travel experience. 

Sales, operation management, marketing, human resources, account management, and finance are six functional operations that makeup Delta Airlines. It has made the booking of tickets very easy through its website, It made it its purpose to cater to its consumers’ desires for more affordable flights, comfort, and amenities.  

The second idea is transparency, which lowers the likelihood of turbulence by doing things like buying a ticket that includes a connecting trip since it can be less expensive. 

Choice, which expresses and informs passengers about disclosures, airline history, and various perks like entertainment, legroom, food and beverage selections, and seat accessibility, is Delta Airlines’ ultimate sales idea.  

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Delta Airlines Management System

The management of Delta Airlines’ operations is extremely complex and intended to foster, safety, a great workplace. And to produce value through first-rate customer service, great operations, a fantastic brand, and positive staff relations. 

To satisfy its audience, they do marketing and promotion utilize a variety of media platforms. That includes, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to spread the word about how comfortable and great are Delta Airlines. A voice-over advertisement is the most recent marketing and advertising tactic.  

They gather information through a variety of techniques, including focus groups, customer satisfaction surveys. And even with the testimonials whereby the airline’s staff and operations are evaluate.. The company’s delegation can improved by using these evaluations. 

They also offers Loyalty Rewards to customers who participate and perform in data collection methods.  

Due to its superb lounges at airports across America, numerous itineraries, strong frequent flyer program. And on-time performance (83% of flights landed within 15 minutes of their scheduled time early in 2019). It comes into one of the best U.S.-based carriers.


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