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Delta Customer Service – How To Complaint At Delta Airlines?

The majority of your questions can be answered by calling or texting Delta Customer Service, but you can cancel and change eligible flights online.

Representatives of the airline’s customer service department have their work cut out for them in this era of flight delays and cancellations.

Here are some helpful hints for contacting Delta customer service and getting the assistance you require if you intend to fly with the airline.

Delta Customer Service
Delta Customer Service

How to Contact Delta Airlines customer service

If you are in need to reach Delta customer service, here are some ways in which you can use them.

Call Delta Customer Service On The Phone

Would you like to make a reservation with a live Delta agent? Dial 888-579-624 to reach Delta Air Lines customer service. Call 888-579-624 with any SkyMiles-related inquiries, and be prepared with your SkyMiles number.

When calling either Delta customer service number, Gold and Silver Medallion members are given preference. Customers of Delta who are Platinum and Diamond Medallion members, however, receive the best service. The dedicated phone number for these top-tier elites can be found in the Fly Delta phone app’s Contact Us section or on the back of your membership card.

Twitter Account Of Delta Airlines

If you don’t like listening to the same music over and over while waiting on the phone, we suggest you ask your question on Twitter and mention Delta by using their @Delta account. You could get a faster response from Delta by tweeting them instead of calling them.

Live Chat On the Phone

in action? On an Apple or Android device, you can have a live chat with Delta. Simply click the “Message Us” button on the Need Help? page of An invitation to chat with a virtual assistant will appear in a new window.

With this, you can solve common issues like adding a SkyMiles number to a reservation or making other minor adjustments. Additionally, it might be quicker than holding on to the phone or waiting for a social media agent.

How Delta Customer Service Can Help?

A customer service agent can save your life if you need to cancel a Delta flight or ask for a refund. Having trouble or refusing to choose your seat online? Another person from Delta can assist with that. You can contact Delta customer service if you have any questions about baggage policies or SkyMiles redemptions that cannot be satisfactorily answered on their website.

You can call Delta to get the record locator for your ticket, which will allow you to choose your seat or manage your booking directly through the other airline if you used SkyMiles to make a reservation on a flight operated by a SkyMiles partner airline.

Calling isn’t the only way to get specific issues resolved. There are some more ways which you may use:

  • You can usually modify or cancel your reservation online (see the section below).
  • Log into your SkyMiles account and complete a mileage credit request form to request miles from a trip or a partner activity.

Change Your Destination Online At Delta Flights

The days of only being able to change your itinerary by calling the airline are long gone. Through its website and app, Delta supports the majority of changes and cancellations. This is how:

  • To access the reservation, find the confirmation number in your reservation email and enter it on You can also click on the trip you want to change by going to the “My Trips” section of your Delta SkyMiles account.
  • The red “Modify Flight” button is located in the top right corner. Click that.
  • The option to change or cancel your flight will then be presented to you. Choose “Start Flight Change” from the menu.
  • You will need to select the flight or flights you wish to change by checking the box next to them on the change screen option, which displays all the flights included in the specific reservation.
  • To go to the following page, click “Find New Flights”.
  • All of your new flight options will now be displayed for you to choose from. The price of the new ticket will be adjusted to reflect the amount you paid for the original ticket. Depending on the type of ticket you originally booked, you will either need to pay the balance as usual or get a refund or an eCredit for the fare difference.

Visit this page if you have any questions about Delta Vacations. This page can help with baggage policies.

How to submit a complaint to Delta Airlines?

Visit the online Help Center and choose the option for posting comments and complaints to contact Delta Air Lines using the company’s website. Your Delta SkyMiles account login could hasten the process.

Make sure to have your flight details, such as your confirmation number and flight number, as well as any information regarding checked baggage, if applicable, available.

Select “Submit General Feedback” and then follow the on-screen instructions to describe your problem in order to submit a general complaint, which is essentially any problem other than a baggage claim. A customer service representative will assign you a case number and should contact you shortly.

The status of your complaint can be checked at a later time by visiting the same page where you selected the feedback form and selecting “Check General Feedback Case Status.” Your last name and case number must be entered.

You must complete a different online form to make a baggage claim for lost, broken, or delayed luggage.

For more information, you can contact us at 888-579-1624.


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