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Everything You should know about United Airlines Pet Policy

One thing that everyone on this planet loves is to travel. We all have this dream to travel to a lot of places throughout our lifetime. But for people who have pets in their house, traveling becomes a matter of tension. If you’re going on any trip via flight, then you will have to keep your pet alone at home, which is not possible every time. Some people don’t even have a good pet care center in their locality, and many don’t even trust those centers with their pets. So people often look for options to travel with their pets, and here, the United Airlines pet policy will not disappoint you.

Importance of documents 

If you’re traveling with your pet, then the most essential part of the United Airlines pet policy that we would like to reflect on is the importance of documents about your pet. You must send all these documents at least five days before the trip through the airline’s online portal. Printed copies of the papers will also be needed, as you must carry them with you. Any failure regarding documents can lead to the cancellation of the trip.

In-cabin United Airlines pet policy 

This is a great part of the United Airlines pet carrier policy because your pet can also travel in the cabin with you. From flight to flight, different regulations apply to bringing a pet into the cabin.

i. Which pets are allowed to travel in the cabin?

United Airlines permits small domestic cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds to travel in the cabin with you. You can only travel with one pet at a time, and if you want to travel with more than one pet at a time in the cabin, you will need to buy another ticket. You must ensure your pet’s carrier fits under the seat in front of you. 

Another thing you will need to remember is that your pet carrier will be calculated as a piece of carry-on luggage according to the United Airlines pet carrier policy.

For domestic flights, puppies and kittens need to be at least two months old to travel.

ii. Documents required for in-cabin travel 

As per United Airlines’ pet travel policy, first of all, you will need to submit a health certificate for your pet to get them on the flight. A doctor must sign the health certificate. You should also provide a rabies certificate for your pet.

A picture of your pet is also required to verify the breed because there are certain restrictions about different species of United Airlines.

iii. Place restrictions 

There are some countries where you can’t carry your pet with you because of their restrictions: Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, India, Panama, South Africa, Tahiti, Guam, Hawaii, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom.

iv. Other restrictions 

There are also some other restrictions mentioned in the United Airlines pet policy regarding carrying your pet with you on the flight. Here are those restrictions 

  1. In one cabin on a United Airlines flight, only four pets can travel.
  2. The person who will be responsible for the pet should be an adult.
  3. The pet should not come out of the pet carrier throughout the time of the journey.
  4. Due to a shortage of room under the seat, pets are not allowed in First or Business Class on Boeing 747, 757, 767, or 777 aircraft.

United Airlines pet policy for cargo travel 

If your pet is too big to fit in a small pet carrier, then you will have to let your pet travel in cargo. United Airlines has an emotional support animal. There is no problem with it, but you will not be in touch with your pet during the flight. Only cats and dogs can fly as cargo.

Here is an advantage of cargo travel: kittens or puppies can travel together. There are some conditions for that like they are of the same breed, they are not huge so that they don’t fit in a carrier together, they are less than six months old, and they should weigh less than 9 kilograms or 20 lb each.

i. Documents required for cargo travel 

You will also need to submit some documents for cargo travel. Check out which documents you will need 

  1. A health certificate of your pet is required to get them on the flight cargo, and the health certificate must be signed by a doctor.
  2. A rabies certificate that shows rabies vaccination within 30 days before travel.
  3. Again, a photo of your pet is needed to verify the breed.

ii. Restrictions 

According to United Airlines pet policy, international flight services are unavailable for Australia, Lagos, Nigeria, Dubai, and India. Live animals won’t be moved in or out of Shanghai until the temperatures drop, nor will they be moved out of Beijing, Chengdu, or Seoul. You should book reservations at least five to thirty days before traveling.

Cost of traveling with pets according to United Airlines pet policy 

To travel with your pet, you will have to pay $125 each way. Other than that, there is a $125 charge for each layover of more than four hours on domestic flights and more than 24 hours on international flights.

United Airlines pet policy for service pets 

United Airlines service animals have different policies. The airline only allows people with disabilities to travel without charge with service dogs. But you can only take a dog as a service animal with you. To take your service dog with you on United Airlines, you will have to make sure that your dog has gone through specific training. The dog must know how to follow instructions. 

The training part is vital because the dog should not disturb other passengers on the flight. The dog should be at least four months old and will have to sit on the floor in front of your seat. Most importantly, therapy dogs will not be considered service dogs.


We know that many of our readers are highly connected with their pets and can’t leave them in a pet care center while traveling, and that’s why we shared the United Airlines pet travel policy with you because it solves your problem. You will be able to carry your pet wherever you go now with United flights.

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