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Is United Airlines Good or Bad: A Comprehensive Guide

Traveling on an airline is an exciting and adventurous experience everyone wants to enjoy. And when you choose an airline by yourself, your experience can depend on your choice. It can make you fly high with your stomach full of butterflies. Or it can give you a severe headache you’ll never forget. So, when choosing United Airlines, knowing whether it’s good or bad for you can help you make your decision better. 

As one of the largest airlines in the world with a 3-star rating, United Carriers comes with its pros and cons. And to help you make your choice better, here in this article, we will share different aspects you should know about United Airlines before putting it on. 

Safety Record of United Airlines 

Whenever we talk about whether an airline is good or bad, we always want to know their track record with passengers’ safety. How many incidents happen with the airlines, and how do they manage to tackle the safety concerns of passengers? Is there any plane crash happening with the airlines? This is the first aspect that allows us to believe in any airline. 

In the case of United Airlines, their track record with passenger safety is very good. They take care of all the safety measures that are mentioned on their official website as well. Yes, some past incidents have happened with them, including the infamous 2017 incident where a passenger has dragged off a plane. However, in comparison to other airlines, the safety records of United Airlines show very good stats. It was also rated as one of the safest airlines in the world on multiple websites, like

On-time Performance of United Airlines 

Another major aspect we consider when deciding if a particular airline is good or not is their on-time performance. On-time performance simply means whether a flight takes off at its fixed time or always faces delay. Also, is the airline arriving at the right time as mentioned on its website? The punctuality of airlines does show how good an airline is. 

When seeing United Airlines’ stats, it shows the airline struggled a lot with its on-time performance in the past, but it is improving its on-time performance every year. In 2022, the on-time flight arrival rate was 79.6%, which was a little lower than the industry average of 80.5%. But for the past few years, United Airlines has been working on its technology and flight processes that will promise better results in the future. 

Flight Experience In United Airlines 

What do you expect most from your flight? It must be a decent traveling experience. You expect it to be a comfortable and enjoyable experience. United Airlines also offers a variety of classes like economy class, premium economy class, first class, and business class. Depending on the class you choose, you will get benefits and services. 

The overall customer-in-flight experience is decent from class to class. Even in economy class, you will get a quality, comfortable, and enjoyable experience with United Airlines. If you can afford Business or First Class, United Carrier will give you an unforgettable experience with the best customer service. 

Food And Beverage In United Airlines

Let’s admit it, we all judge an airline by its food. After all, when we are paying this much for our ticket and food on an airline, we want it to make us happy. And who doesn’t want good food?

When it comes to United Airlines, we got mixed reviews for the food’s taste and quality. Some people enjoyed eating there, and some just gave it a 2-star rating. However, United Carriers are continuously looking for improvements in their food quality and is serious about it. They have introduced many new items to their menu and introduced new chefs to make your food good on United Airlines.

Entertainment in United Airlines

When it comes to a long journey on any airline, everyone looks for the entertainment options they can get as a facility on the airline as all have to put their phones on airplane mode. Entertainment facilities provided by airlines remain the only choice one can make. 

At United Airlines, there are most of the entertainment options you can think of, whether it’s movies, TV shows, TV music, or games. United Carrier provides you with all. However, one must remember that the quality and quantity of entertainment depending on the airline class you choose. For Instance class, you can expect almost everything that is not available in the economic class. But someone can say that United Airlines did well in providing entertainment options to their customers.

Customer Service 

Every industry has one thing in common that needs to be fulfilled and matters the most: customer service. Customer service is a very crucial part of your traveling experience, and you would expect the best from your airlines. On United Airlines, there are mixed reviews from their passengers; some are positive while others are negative. More than 70% of people are happy with the airline staff’s behavior and their response, while some complain about the rude behavior of airline staff, long waiting hours, and a lack of response from the staff. 

However, United Airlines is consistently improving its customer service by training its staff and automating customer service with a chatbot for small issues. They have also expanded their staff to provide better services and an earlier response to their passengers. That is a great sign of how well they are working on it. 


Q. How is United Airlines’ customer service?

A: United Airlines reviews are mixed. Its customer service is friendly for some and rude for others. Some people say it depends on the airline class they fly on.

Q: Does United Airlines charge for baggage?

A: Yes, United Carriers charges for checked baggage. You can check here for more details. Baggage Policy of United Airlines 

Q: What boarding facilities does United Airlines provide?

A: On some flights, United Airlines provides complimentary food and beverages in addition to Wi-Fi, movies, TV shows, music, and other in-flight services.

Q. Where do flights from United Airlines go?

A: United Airlines offers both domestic and international travel to hundreds of locations throughout the world.

Q. Is United Airlines a trustworthy airline in terms of safety?

A: Yes! United Airlines has a strong track record in terms of safety.


After a lot of research, our personal experiences, and looking into its 3-star rating and a lot of reviews, United Airlines is overall a good airline you can go with. Yes! There are many areas that United Carriers needs to work on. And there is room for improvement, like better customer service and the baggage policy’s safety records. United Air is comfortable to travel with. It can be a good choice for any kind of travel, like business or economy class. You can expect decent customer service and an enjoyable experience when flying with United Carriers. United Carriers are committed to providing its customers with a safe and amazing journey and helping them have a good day or night. 

So, book your next flight with United Airlines and experience the magic of flying with one of the world’s leading airlines!

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